Find your inner light

Louise Kemble-Davies, BA (hons), Dip C, MBACP

Louise has 20 years experience of working with children, young people and families, where children and young people are experiencing distress.  She uses a variety of approaches including person centred and CBT as well as drawing on systemic approaches. Louise has experience supporting children and young people with neurodiversity as well as young people with dyslexia or dyspraxia to support them with practical strategies. As well as offering 1 to 1 counselling she also works with parents and children together. Louise is a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MABCP).

Louise offers:
* Private, confidential 1 to 1 counselling via phone or online
* Works with young people and adults
* ‘Walk and Talk’ counselling, where we are able to spend time outside and talk through issues
* Support for grounding techniques, mindfulness, meditation, journals and creativity
* Self-help to empower you to take better care of yourself holistically, mind, body and soul.

Louise can help with:
* Neurodiversity and dyslexia
* Autism
* Low self-esteem
* Stress and exam worry
* Low mood and anxiety
* Life changes, loss and bereavement.


Based in Cardiff but also offers video call sessions via Teams.
You can choose how many sessions you would like but a block of sessions can be booked at a discount price.


1 to 1 counselling or working with parents and children together.

Sessions cost £45 and last 50 minutes.


Phone 07359 071415


What People Say?

“I have been transformed and now have such confidence in all that I do- it is wonderful to see. thank you”

“Thanking you for helping me to see the trees instead of the forest.”